About Us


Pura Vida CBD® began as a little home-project trying to find a personal remedy for topical dermatitis (Ekzema).
After vainly trying numerous pharmaceutical creams, prescribed by various doctors, which caused after all more reaction than soothing. However, we did some researches and studies which lead us to develope a new kind of natural cosmetics – no chemicals, no preservatives, only natural ingredients and CBD. It showed stunning results!
After this amazing personal experience, we made a small batch and gave it to our families and friends. They returned with very positive results on a variety of topical issues and deficiencies – and asking for more! This is where Pura Vida CBD was born. 

Our brand name got inspired by the cultural phrase from the heart-warming people of Costa Rica. “Pura Vida” is used as “Hello” and “Good Bye” but most importantly it’s a sincere lifestyle. It means “Pure Life” and this is the foundation pillar of our company Pura Vida CBD. The spirit of our products is based on the sincerity of nature and its potential.

Since 2016 we’re travelling all over Europe and present our products on various tradeshows where you can meet us personally. Here you can find out where is our next stop!:).

We’re offering now a wide range of pure natural products made from carefully sourced raw materials. Our products are being manufactured by our specialists in our certified lab. 

Pura Vida CBD® is distributed throughout Europe from our warehouse in the Netherlands and became a life-project that already helped a lot of people, brought them together and made us all grow. Just the way nature intended! 🙂